Level: Technical

In two hours’ time, we will explore Kali Linx and the metasploit toolkit with a few selected attacks and exploits to get you started with the tools. If I can set up a dedicated WiFi, we will even hack that! Try out brute-force attacks and password cracking in a save environment, without the threat of legal repercussions. Have fun while learning new stuff. And all for the price of the conference attendance fee!


  • Your own laptop with VirtualBox or VMware installed
  • Kali Linux installed in a VM
  • Metasploitable 3 VM installed or enough disk space available to install on site
  • (Club Mate recommended :) )

Martin Leyrer – providing IT-Wizardry for money for over 20 years. Boldly managing systems where angels fear to tread. Easily distracted by everything shiny, blinky and new.

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