Capture the Flag

Security BSides Ljubljana 0x7E3 Capture the Flag (also known as CTF) is a hacking contests designed for security hobbyist, experts and enthusiasts with the desire to compete against each other. Don’t miss the chance to exploit real vulnerabilities or solve tasks that require speed, creativity, and logical thinking. Get the adrenaline rush experience of real and legal hacking at an attack and jeopardy-style competition with emphasis on following areas:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Network analysis and hacking
  • Web and mobile application hacking
  • Steganography
  • Hash cracking
  • Cryptography
  • Programming



Security BSides Ljubljana 0x7E3 CTF is taking place 16th of March 2019 in Poligon creative centre. Hacking environment will be accessible only at Poligon creative centre through Wi-Fi.



Practical awards and, of course, Fame and Glory.



CTF is an IT security or hacking competition designed for educational purposes. Topics concerning security experts can be learned in a realistic manner with a lot of fun. More at Wikipedia.



When and Where is CTF going to happen?
BSidesLjublana 0x7E3 CTF
is going to happen on 16th March 2019 at Poligon Creative Centre. The competition is scheduled from 10am – 5pm.

Where to register and how to participate?
In order to play BSidesLjublana 0x7E3 CTF, you need to register. More details about where and how will be announced on as well as on the event.

Where will be the task accessible?
Most of the tasks will be accessible only at Poligon Creative Centre through Wi-Fi.

What type of task?
Read the intro. In general there will be two types of tasks: Jeopardy and Attacking style. Jeopardy style tasks are straightforward. You have a question or a problem, you solve it and submit your solution. In the attacking part of the competition, your main problem is to take over an organization’s domain controller. You have a vulnerable environment, where you try to hack your way to the domain controller. Along the way, there will be flags. Every gathered flag is worth some amount and brings you closer to your main goal.

How can I recognize a flag and how I submit it?
A flag is hidden behind a vulnerability in the virtual environment in the form of CTF#N:Keyword. You will know when you see it. After gathering the flag, submit “Keyword” to the corresponding task labeled CTF#N at TBD.

Teams vs. Single player?
It is up to you how you want to play. If you think you are good enough, try it alone. If you like to play in a team, register a team.

What do I need?
Computer/laptop with WiFi.