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Level: Tehnical


We’ll use Arduino environment to set up ESP32 module for communication via LoRaWAN network protocol for data exchange with online server and remote I/O control.

Overview of workshop

  • Using the Arduino development environment for simple firmware prototyping we will program ESP32 WiFi LoRa module with code for connecting the module via the LoRa Low Power Wide Area Network protocol (LPWAN) to the internet.
  • Basic steps in provisioning the LoRa based IoT devices on the The Things Network server and short intro into complete LoRa infrastructure.
  • Getting the sample data from our ESP32 device from TTN to our own webserver (running NodeRed) using the MQTT protocol.
  • Setting up simple functionality to turn on/off IO pin and display control on the ESP32 board from the NodeRed webapp.

Drivers, sample code etc will be available upfront on Github.


  • notebook running Arduino (Mac, Linux or Win – it works on all platforms)
  • micro USB cable (not absolutely necessary, but good to have with you)

Uroš Maleš – working with IoT devices for the last 7 years, mainly focusing on using GSM, NBIoT and LoRa communication, background in the IT, worked on the web apps and firmware development. Currently working as a product manager and in charge of PoC projects and 3rd party integrations at Pessl Instruments.

Level: Technical

In two hours’ time, we will explore Kali Linx and the metasploit toolkit with a few selected attacks and exploits to get you started with the tools. If I can set up a dedicated WiFi, we will even hack that! Try out brute-force attacks and password cracking in a save environment, without the threat of legal repercussions. Have fun while learning new stuff. And all for the price of the conference attendance fee!


  • Your own laptop with VirtualBox or VMware installed
  • Kali Linux installed in a VM
  • Metasploitable 3 VM installed or enough disk space available to install on site
  • (Club Mate recommended :) )

Martin Leyrer – providing IT-Wizardry for money for over 20 years. Boldly managing systems where angels fear to tread. Easily distracted by everything shiny, blinky and new.

Level: Low Tech

The first part (30-45 minutes) is the talk, explaining how locks and locking mechanisms work, how they can be manipulated and picked open. The second part is a hands-on demo. Training locks and tools will be provided for the participants and we will start to defeat the locks together.

Additionally, talk and workshop can be adjusted for people that already have experience in lock picking, where more secure locking mechanisms and security/anti-pick features will be discussed.

Required: /

Jovan Šikanja – fraud prevention lead LimundoGrad by day. Whitehat hacker by night. Producing SQL errors since 2010. Interested in locksport. Founder of Serbian Information Security Association – eSigurnost