Level: Tehnical

Mimikatz is a hacking tool that showed up in almost all significant IT incidents of the last few years. We all know it, although less of us know how it really works. In my presentation, I would like to share the Mimikatz story, how Benjamin Delpy kept developing it year by year, and how the developers at Microsoft tried to harden the OS. I will show the working mechanisms of Windows’ main protections and how Mimikatz bypasses them. I would also like to share my concept on how an enterprise defender can harden the environment in order to limit Mimikatz user efficiency in the network.

Sandor Feher is an IT security enthusiast, who started his career in IT security almost 15 years ago and by now has high-level experience in many different fields. His areas of expertise include digital forensics and data recovery, malware analysis, incident response, penetration testing, blue and red teaming. He started his career in the governmental sector and then moved to the private one, lastly establishing a Hungarian IT Security startup called White Hat IT Security. He is a holder of some IT sec certifications like CISM, OSCP, OSCE, OSWP, etc. In his spare time he is a visiting lecturer of Obuda University, Budapest.

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