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| March 5th, 2019

.: Tickets :.

  • FREE tickets went out in three batches and are all gone.
    We are SOLD OUT again!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Don’t burn it, return it!
    We have a huge waiting list of people who want to come, but could not get the ticket due to space limitations of the venue. If you already have the ticket and it turns out you are not able to come, please return it, so we can give your ticket to someone else. Cancel the ticket order via Eventbrite, or, if having trouble canceling it, send us an email to ‘tickets[at]bsidesljubljana[dot]si‘. Thank you!
  • If you know someone who couldn’t get the ticket, but wants to come, there is a limited amount of Supporter Tickets available. Big THANK YOU to all participants who already got the Supporter ticket.


.: Program update :.

We are excited to let you know that our list of talks and workshops is almost finished and the final agenda will be announced this week, so check website for updates. Note:

  • Talks will be held in two tracks.
  • Workshops will take place in a separate room. There is no registration, but a first-come-first-served system on the spot (FIFO). The number of places for each workshop is limited.

If you are not giving a talk, there are still exciting chances for you to participate:

  • Lightning Talks – you are kindly invited to share something with others by giving a <7min talk. Don’t be shy – apply :)
  • Capture the Flag (CTF) contest – Don’t miss the chance to exploit real vulnerabilities or solve tasks that require speed, creativity and logical thinking.

More information soon to come – keep updated by checking this website and follow @BSidesLjubljana on twitter. Remember: when you tweet about BSidesLjubljana, add hashtag #BSidesLjubljana.

See you in 0x0B days :)

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