Level: Low Tech + Advanced Tech + 1337

For my talk “Security Expedition in b0rkenland” I wanted to prepare a live demo because people asked for it. So I checked out current public Proof of Concepts (PoC) for exploits and thought which one I can combine. This resulted in a couple of night hacking sessions until the exploit chain worked reliable enough to be
presented as a live demo.

I will not only show you the created exploit chain as live, but will also discuss with you which problems occurred while implementing it and how I solved them.

Hetti – Technical Computer Science student from Vienna with a passion for IT Security and geeky stuff. He is one of the board members of the finest Viennese Hackspace Metalab. In his free time, he enjoys traveling to community-based IT Conferences. The Viennese Cryptoparty is organized by him, where he also holds lectures and workshops about a broad range of IT Security & Privacy topics. You can also find him at the Chaos Computer Club Vienna (C3W). On some weekends he is hunting flags with the successful academic CTF Team We_0wn_Y0u.


[Slides (PDF)] [Recording (MP4)]

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