Level: Organisation and policy (Non-tech)

The importance of security and privacy, keeping the data safe in healthcare is huge. We also need to be aware that the criminal can harm the patient in many different ways, for many different reasons, with the goal to harm them, but also doing it by accident, just simply because we make everything digital, put and connect everything online, without thinking about the need to make it safe and secure.

We need an environment within the organization that will make possible for infosec professionals to do their job as best as possible. With good communication, teamwork, and good agreements, we can make a stable base to build a safe and secure environment in healthcare.

Jelena Milosevic – a pediatrician and ICU nurse with a lot of experience, working at many different hospitals in the Netherlands. Over the past 4 years active in the infosec community and applying the knowledge of infosec into the healthcare world to improve the security of the environment for patients and the medical staff. Last year, more directly active in the improvement of info security at different levels. A member of the I Am The Cavalry group and a part of the network of Women in Cyber.


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