We did it! We managed to carry out the 5th edition of BSidesLjubljana and from so far (super positive) feedbacks it feels we made another great event and it was very successful.

Tickets, released in three batches, were literally gone in a few minutes! Poligon Creative Center was packed again: 230 BSidesLjubljana participants registered at the venue, out of 250 who got a ticket.

It seems information security communities and enthusiasts are starving for events like this, so it gives us acknowledgment we are on the right path. \o/

We are very grateful to everybody and want to say the biggest THANK YOU to:

  • All participants for creating a great and true unconference BSides-like vibe as well as all the hype on twitter (#BSidesLjubljana)!
  • Speakers for participating by sharing your expertise by giving talks and carrying out workshops. We are happy there were 10 lightning talks in the end – thank you for your contribution!
  • @Ministraitor for driving all the way to Ljubljana once again to video record all talks!
  • All the sponsors and strategic partners for covering most of the costs and making BSidesLjubljana FREE for all participants: Bitstamp, Viris, Akson, Pollpass, Zemanta, Xlab.
  • All community sponsors for taking care of working network/wireless: Aero IT, an extra hand with PR & Marketing: SecTalks, BSidesLiverpool, taking care of legal/financial activities: Lugos.
  • Poligon creative centre (@PoligonSI) for hosting us and making sure Club Mate was there for all the hackers.
  • Media sponsor Help Net Security.
  • BSidesLjubljana organization crew (@lowk3y, @brodul, Polona, @MilanGabor, @katjag, @gregorspagnolo, @jozeguna, Robert, @rokkopina@DamirDezeljin, @francisacer1@SPIDLukeZilla, @martincimerman) for making everything possible and work!

Video recordings will be published on this site in the next days – we will let you know as soon as they are online. We are still waiting to get all the slide decks – a kind reminder to some of the speakers.

For all of those who haven’t done that already, we’d like to ask everyone who was at the event for a few minutes of your time to answer some questions about your experience of the event and how you think we can make BSidesLjubljana even better in the future – there is always space for improvements. Your feedback will be very appreciated! Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/D8kIjdiQneSLzsB52

If you blog about the event and experience, please let us know – we would love to hear it and share it forward. When tweeting about it, please use hashtag #BSidesLjubljana.

Thank you for coming to Security BSidesLjubljana 0x7E3. We hope you had a great time and we will see you again next year! In the meanwhile maybe see you at some other BSides event.

— BSides Ljubljana Team

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